Reference 2017-619

REF:            2017-619

Subject:        Nurse mentor training



1) Does your trust have an agreement with an outside organisation (such as Health Education England or similar) to fund the cost of NMC-approved mentor preparation programmes for your registered nurses (band 5 upwards) who wish/are required to take such training as part of their continuing professional development?

2) If not, are nurses required to self-fund NMC-approved mentor preparation programmes?

3) In total, how many nurses from your trust have undertaken (even if not yet completed) NMC-approved mentor preparation programmes since January 2015 to the present date?

Please set out as below:

2017 2016 2015
How many nurses who were self-funded?
How many nurses who had their costs covered?

4) If you can differentiate, please provide figures for how many nurses from your trust have completed more advanced NMC-approved mentor programmes, or have otherwise achieved  sign-off status (to sign off students as competent enough to join the nursing register)?





Please find information attached.

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