Reference 2017-659

REF:            2017-659

Subject:       Mortality and Morbidity meetings    



Please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have a regular General Surgical Mortality and Meeting (M&M)? If yes, how frequently?
  2. Which of the following mandate discussion at the M&M?
  3. Deaths
  4. Unplanned returns to theatre
  5. Complications
  6. Near misses
  7. For those mandating discussion, how are the cases identified (e.g. from coding / electronic theatre log / list kept by team)
  8. Deaths
  9. Unplanned returns to theatre
  10. Complications
  11. Near misses
  12. Which of the following mandate completion of a critical incident form?
  13. Deaths
  14. Unplanned returns to theatre
  15. Complications
  16. Near misses
  17. How are outcomes of discussions at the M&M documented?
  18. Please provide the following data on overall numbers for each specific type of incident between 01/09/2016 and 31/08/2017
Type of incident Total number of events in the 12 month period Number discussed in M&M meeting during the 12 month period Number for which Duty of Candour was deemed necessary Number for which Duty of Candour was followed Number for which a critical incident form was completed
Unplanned returns to theatre          
Near misses          




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