Reference 2017-660

REF:            2017-660

Subject:        Audits at the Trust       



Please provide a copy of the titles of all audits registered at your trust between 1/1/16 and 31/12/16 and provide the following information for each (if unable to provide an answer for any specific point please enter “no data”)

  1. The date that the audit was registered
  2. The directorate in which the audit was undertaken (e.g. emergency care)
  3. Was this a local audit or part of a national one
  4. The time period audited (e.g. four months, or 100 patients)
  5. Do you have documentation of the results of the audit?
  6. How were the results disseminated (e.g. “presented at departmental meeting” or “published”)
  7. Was any intervention made?
  8. Has a re-audit been performed?




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