Reference 2017-68

REF:            2017-68

Subject:        Workforce at the trust




Under the FOI act please provide a response for the attached spreadsheet by completing and returning this to me in excel format.  Please do not provide this information in PDF.

Thank you for the time spent on this request, if you have any questions relating to the FOI please get in touch.




I have looked into whether or not we can provide the data requested in questions 3 and 4. Unfortunately we cannot do so for several reasons:


1.   We have a record of job title for referrals but they are not categorised on our databases in the format requested.

2.   Our recording systems for such data have changed during the time period of data request.  In 2015 we moved from  manual recording of referral data to a computerised occupational health system, Cohort. This adds further inconsistency into how the job title of a referred employee is recorded. Similarly there is inconsistency in recording the health problem for which each employee is referred.

3.   Please note also that Well Being Partners, who provide occupational health services to Bolton NHS FT is part of Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS FT.


Please find attached the rest of the information.

2017-68-foi-request-workforce-at-the-trust [69 kb] Ms Excel