Reference 2017-692

REF:            2017-692

Subject:        Reported sexual assaults in A&E past five years




Under the Freedom of Information Act, could you please clarify whether you hold data on the number of patient-on-patient sexual assaults in your Accident and Emergency department, as well as patient-on-staff sexual assaults?

If so, could you please release the number of reported assaults to me, divided by year and by category (patient-on-patient and patient-on-staff) in an Excel spreadsheet to send to this email, along with the number of resulting arrests or convictions (if you have this information), for the past five years.




Please find information attached.

2017-692 – FOI Request – Reported sexual assaults in A and E past five years [18 kb] Ms Excel

Within the outcome to state whether the incident resulted in an arrest or conviction, we cannot answer because we do not hold this information.