Reference 2017-693

REF:            2017-693

Subject:        Doctors partaking in training fellowships




Under the Freedom of Information act, can you please provide me with the following information:

Details of all the current doctors partaking in training fellowships (or other similar training programmes for post CCT doctors) within your Ophthalmology departments.

Please provide full names of the doctors, their GMC numbers, start dates of current post, end date for current post and the sub-specialist interest they are being trained in.

Name GMC Number Sub-Specialist interest of Fellowship Start date of Fellowship/Training End date of Fellowship/Training
Dr First Example 1234567 Medical Retina 01/06/201 20/03/201




We cannot answer the request because involve personal data, we are refusing the request unedr section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act.


Section 40(2) – Data Protection

This exemption covers the personal data of third parties (anyone other than the requester) where complying with the request would breach any of the principles in the Data Protection Act.

The most common reason for refusing information under this exemption is that it would be unfair to the individual concerned. Section 40(2) is an absolute exemption, so you do not need to apply the public interest test.