Reference 2017-694

REF:            2017-694

Subject:        Contract for safe disposal




Please supply the following information, has your hospital trust have had dealings or contacts with a company call Acquascience who might have been under contact to Leica, for the supply and removal of the following during the past 2 years and the approximate quantities removed.”


Supply Removal and safe disposal

IDA / IMS 99%

IDA / IMS 95%

IDA / IMS 70%


Neutral Buffered Formalin 10%

Formaldehyde 37% – 40%

Formal Saline 10%

Deionised Water

Formic Acid

Acid Alcohol


IDA / IMS (all %)


Tissue Fixative (NBF / FS)

Formic Acid

Alcohol Stains

Aqueous Stains

Paraffin Wax

Used Histology Pots

Other Plastic Containers




I can confirm that the supply, removal and safe disposal of the reagents listed above is from another company and not by a company named Acquascience.