Reference 2017-699

REF:            2017-699

Subject:        Choking statistics




I would like to request the following information to include; all hospitals under the trust’s remit and to cover years 2015, 2016 and as much of 2017 as is available at the point of request.

The number of in-patients that have died from choking due to obstruction of the airway, where (A) the patient has been admitted for reasons related to choking and (B) where the patient was admitted for reasons not related to choking.

If possible, please provide the data separated for each individual hospital as below where applicable.


Hospital A

2015       Choking related                x

Non-Choking related      y

2016       Choking related                x

Non-Choking related      y




We are unable to provide this information because we do not record cause of death.

But you can visit the website Office for National Statistics as they record cause of death.