Reference 2017-714

REF:            2017-714

Subject:        Community eating disorders services for children and young people




  1. a) Name of Community Eating Disorders Service for Children and Young People (CEDS-CYP)*:
  2. b) Catchment area for referrals:
  3. c) What age range does this service provide treatment for?
  4. d) Does this service accept self-referrals?
  5. e) If d) = ‘Yes’: If applicable, please state any exceptions/conditions (for example by CCG, age, type of eating disorder, %Expected Body Weight, co-morbidity):
  6. f) If d) = ‘No’: Does this service have a plan to begin accepting self-referrals?
  7. g) If f) = ‘Yes’: If applicable, please enter the date that this service is scheduled to begin accepting self-referrals:




We do not provide this service, you will need to contact NW Borough partnership because they are the providers for eating disorders.