Reference 2018-120

REF:            2018-120

Subject:        Substance Abuse Treatment




Please can you provide the following information under the Freedom of Information Act.

This request concerns rehab referrals on the NHS.

For each question I am seeking information for each of the following time periods:

  1. i) 2013/14
  2. ii) 2014/15
  3. iii) 2015/16
  4. iv) 2016/17
  5. v) 2017/18 to date (most recent data available)


  1. How many patients were identified as having a substance abuse/ reliance issue?
  2. How many were offered residential rehabilitation (including those outsourced to private facilities)?
  3. How much funding was granted to your CCG in order to cover substance rehabilitation treatments?




We do not hold this information, you will need to contact Bolton CCG.