Reference 2018-130

REF:            2018-130

Subject:        Equality and Diversity in the Trust




1)  What Equality and Diversity training does Bolton NHS Trust provide to its healthcare professionals staff?

2)  What refresher training if any do healthcare staff receive in regards to Equality and Diversity?

a) Does this include an elements relating to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) issues and LGBT patients?

3)  I wish to request information relating to the number of complaints made to Bolton NHS Trust relating to LGBT patients and healthcare professionals.

I would like information on the number of complaints relating to:

a) Allegations of discrimination on the grounds of LGBT status.

Patients made about practitioners

Staff made against colleagues both medical and non-medical.

b) Allegations of wrongful treatment on the grounds of LGBT status. Complaints made by patients or their friends or family. Treatment received from any healthcare practitioner.

c) Complaints made by LGBT patients in regards to the provision of care.

d) Complaints made by LGBT healthcare professionals on the grounds that they have been discriminated or suffered bullying by colleagues because of their LGBT status.

4)   I would also like the outcomes of these complaints in regards to:

a) closed with no further action

b) disciplinary action taken against the healthcare professional involved and what action was taken.

5)   I would like to know the details of whether the healthcare professional complained about qualified either in the UK or abroad?

I would like to number of complaints in the last 18 months.



Please find information attached.

2018-130 – FOI request – Equality and Diversity in the Trust [107 kb] PDF