Reference 2018-144

REF:            2018-144

Subject:        EPR systems provider




  1. Who is, or will be, your EPR systems provider?
  2. What are the names and titles of the 2 main contacts within the Trust responsible for your EPR system?
  3. What are the names and titles of the 2 main points of contact for EPR budgets and cost saving initiatives?
  4. Who is responsible for Quality Assurance and Testing for the Trust’s IT & Applications?
  5. What is your forecasted spend on EPR testing annually starting from 2017 onwards?
  6. How many scripts are you manually executing for your EPR regression testing?
  7. How long does it take to run a master regression test for EPR? i.e to execute all your regression scripts?
  8. How many in-house testers do you have? Permanent staff and contractors today?
  9. What modules do you have in your EPR currently?
  10. What modules are you planning on implementing or upgrading in the next 18 months?
  11. Is your EPR hosted by a third party or managed directly by the Trust.
  12. What is your total annual EPR budget?
  13. What % of your EPR budget is allocated for testing?
  14. In man-days, what is your total projected effort for systems testing in 2018? All systems.
  15. How many changes do you implement each month for your EPR?
  16. How much of your regression testing is covered by automation?
  17. Who is your CCIO?
  18. Who is your CIO?
  19. What is required to become an IT Services supplier to your Trust?




Please find information attached.

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