Reference 2018-15

REF:            2018-15    

Subject:        Pest control services




Could the Trust confirm the following:

How many times in each of the last five years it has engaged the services of a pest control company;

For each occasion, please state: (i) the type of pest reported; (ii) the location of the pest (please be as specific as possible e.g. cardiology ward/ITU/operating theatre/mortuary); (iii) the cost of the call out.




Under section 21 Information already available.


This exemption applies if the information requested is already accessible to the requester. You could apply this if you know that the requester already has the information, or if it is already in the public domain.


Please follow the link to our public website:


Please find attached the reports for:

·        Pest Control – April16 to March17 [27 kb] Ms Word

·        Pest Control – April17 to Jan18 [27 kb] Ms Word