Reference 2018-169

REF:            2018-169

Subject:        Antenatal education classes




  1. Do you provide antenatal education classes? – yes or no? If yes, what is the annual budget for this/these contracts/service provision?
Provide antenatal education classes? Annual budget


  1. Answer only if you provide antenatal education classes:

(a) Do the practitioners delivering the classes use a specific evidence-based programme/s/model/s? – yes or no?

(i) If yes, which one/s and is it/are they licensed?

(ii) If no, briefly describe the what programme is provided.

(b) Which senior manager/s is/are responsible for the provision of this/these service/s? What is/are their email address/s?


Use of specific evidence-based model/programme? Programme/s/model/s used Is it licenced? Name of senior manager Email address of senior manager


  1. Answer only if you provide the antenatal education classes:

(a) Which organisation provides this/these services – your organisation? Or is/are the service(s) subcontracted out to an external provider? What are the contract start and end dates?

(b) Are the classes commissioned individually as a cost and volume contract or as part of a block contract?


Programme/s/model used Name of provider organisation Contract start date Contract end date Cost and volume contract or part of block contract?


  1. Here is a list of vulnerabilities/adversities that can impact on the ability of parents-to-be to engage with antenatal education:
  • those with mental health difficulties
  • those experiencing social isolation or from a socially marginalised community
  • survivors of domestic abuse
  • those with learning difficulties
  • those with substance use difficulties
  • parents who have had previous children removed into care
  • care leavers
  • teenage parents
  • parents in prison
  • those not speaking English as a first language
  • those with chaotic or transient lifestyles
  • black or minority ethnic communities
  • those with anti-social or offender behaviour
  • asylum seekers

Much of this information is gathered by midwives at booking in appointments.

  1. (a) Do you, or have you in the past, carry/carried out any analysis of this data, or collected and analysed any data, to determine whether parents-to-be experiencing any of these difficulties are less likely to access/engage with antenatal education delivered in your area than those who do? -yes or no?
  2. (b) Do any of the antenatal education classes specifically target vulnerable parents-to-be? -yes or no? If yes, which ones?


Analysis of data? Antenatal education for vulnerable parents-to-be?


  1. (a) Do you provide the Family Nurse Partnership(FNP)? – yes or no?

(i) If yes, what is the annual budget for this contract/service provision? What are the contract start and end dates?


Provide FNP? Annual budget Contract start date Contract end date


(b) If you do not provide the Family Nurse Partnership, do you provide any other similar services that target vulnerable parents-to-be? Briefly describe the services.


Provide similar service? Brief description





Please find information attached.

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