Reference 2018-233

REF:          2018-233 

Subject:      Pathology Courier/ Transport Services 



  1. Who is your current and previous pathology logistics contractor (spanning the last 3 years or existing contract- whichever is longer? –
  2. What is the current contract(s) end date(s) and are there any provision for extensions?
  3. Who is the named lead undertaking the NHS Improvements ‘Operational Improvement’ Activity to move to cluster operations for pathology networks? Please provide their name and salutation, their email address and mobile telephone number please.
  4. Who or which body would the procurement of your future contract be made by?
  5. Please provide the name, address, email and telephone number of the person responsible for the commissioning of services and the same for the person responsible for reviewing contract performance.
  6. Please provide the current Service Speciation’s in place across the contract (s).
  7. How is your current contract operated (in lots or as a whole)? What are the different budgets for these?
  8. What is your forecast spend in the following years if known:
  9. 2018/19
  10. 2019/20
  11. 2021/22
  12. Please provide KPI and Penalties measure in place across this contract and the most recent performance review of the same.
  13. Please provide the current service specification in place?




Please find information attached.

2018-233 – FOI Request – Pathology Courier Transport Services [114 kb] PDF