Reference 2018-234

REF:            2018-234

Subject:        Appointment booking systems at your hospitals




  1. Please provide details of the Trust’s current Letter printing service supplier/system.
  2. What is the Trusts annual cost for the printing and postage of patient letters?
  3. Please provide monthly values for the number of patient letters sent?
  4. Does the Trust use the services of an external printer for patient and non-patient letters?


  1. What are the Trusts costs for the service and support of onsite printing equipment?
  2. Have you previously considered using outsourced services? Please provide details of why you chose not to use them.
  3. Please provide when the service was implemented, and the services included?
  4. Please provide specific details of any aims/targets set of the print service and whether these have been achieved?
  5. Please provide details of the member(s) of staff responsible for the implementation and continued running of the service and their role within the Trust?
  6. Please provide details of:
    1. Supplier
    2. Expected contract length
    3. Contract review date
    4. Cost of contract to date
  7. Please provide details of the implementation costs and on-going/support costs?
  8. Please provide details of the processes followed to procure an external print service?
  9. Please provide details of the channels used to publish the notification of procurement, for an external print service?




Please find information attached.

2018-234 – FOI request – Appointment booking systems at your hospitals [149 kb] PDF