Reference 2018-249

REF:            2018-249

Subject:        Non-Disclosure Agreements




Please can you process the following questions as a freedom of information request:


A) How many non-disclosure agreements has the authority agreed in each of the calendar years of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017? Please provide individual figures per year. Please also provide reasons for the agreements being agreed where possible (e.g. 2 whistleblower complaints). Please provide the total number of NDAs but also the different types of NDA agreements (e.g. whistleblower complaint/ / sexual harassment complaint etc.). Please make clear if the agreements concern commercial companies rather than employees.

B) Please provide the total amount of financial compensation awarded as part of these agreements for the entirety of this period in £.


Please provide the information in the attached spreadsheet.




Please find information attached.

2018-249 – FOI request – Non-Disclosure Agreements [10 kb] Ms Excel