Reference 2018-262

REF:            2018-262

Subject:        Financial review




I am making a request under the freedom of information act to understand any financial reviews undertaken by the organisation. To do so, please complete and return the attached document.

To clarify the information that is being request: a financial review should include any reviews that have been completed on the organisations financial records to identify savings available and the recovery is completed on behalf of the organisation.  Savings could be from the application of rates being outside of contractual agreements, identification of duplicate charges on invoices, incorrect fees or margins etc.

Examples of reviews include: telecommunications, energy, VAT, accounts payable, water, estates and temporary staffing

If the organisation has procured multiple reviews, please duplicate the questions in my document and provide the requested information for all reviews.




Please find information attached.

2018-262 – FOi request – Financial review [155 kb] PDF