Reference 2018-271

REF:           2018-271

Subject:       Policies & MOUs NHS charging of overseas visitors




  1. The disclosure of a Home Office document has revealed that at least 16 NHS trusts have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Home Office in order to prevent ‘upfront access to healthcare to which illegal migrants are not entitled’.
    1. Has your NHS trust entered into such an MoU?
    2. Please provide a copy of the MoU if so.
  2. The same document reveals that at least 20 NHS trusts have been visited by Home Office Local Partnership managers to establish ‘robust immigration status checking systems’.
    1. Has your NHS trust had such a visit?
    2. Please provide details of any such visit or visits including, but not limited to:
    3. Agendas of any meetings with Home Office Local Partnership managers;
    4. Minutes of any such meetings, if available;

iii.      Documents/information packs/brochures/training materials/guidance relating to the visit or visits or created as a result of engagement with Home Office Local Partnership managers.

3. Please provide documents/guidance/procedures as to the immigration status checking system that you have in place.

4. Please also provide documents or information as to efforts that have been made to discharge the Trust’s public sector equality duty in implementing the regulations. These would usually include, but are not limited to:

  1. Equality impact assessments;
  2. Delivery of training to staff on implementation and avoiding discrimination;
  3. Written policies and guidance on implementation of the charging regime;
  4. Systems to monitor the impact of the charging regime on your service users, particularly those belonging to BME groups, foreign nationals, or those with other protected characteristics and any findings from such monitoring.




Please find information attached.

2018-271 – FOI request – Policies & MOUs NHS charging of overseas visitors [114 kb] PDF

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2015 (1) [156 kb] PDF

Overseas Visitors Policy [186 kb] PDF

Copy of _Immigration_Information_Request_Form [56 kb] Ms Excel

Standard Response Proforma [49 kb] Ms Word