Reference 2018-284

REF:            2018-284

Subject:        Potholes across the Trust




Could you please provide the following information relating to potholes across your estate:

  1. Please detail the annual cost to your Trust of a) damage directly caused by potholes and b) repairing potholes, in each financial year since 2010.
  2. Please detail how many potholes there are across your estate in total at the current time.
  3. How many potholes have been reported on your estate each year since 2010?
  4. What is the diameter of the largest pothole currently on your estate? Please also provide details of the size of the largest pothole which has existed on your estate since 2010.
  5. Please outline how many occasions there have been when you wished to repair a pothole, but due to funding shortages the pothole was not repaired or the repair was delayed.





Please find information attached.

2018-284 – FOi request – Potholes across the Trust [105 kb] PDF