Reference 2018-288

REF:         2018-288  

Subject:     Adult Audiology  



Contractual Arrangements

  • Is your routine audiology service for those 18 and above commissioned via an AQP contract or other contract?
  • Is there more than one contract in place for those aged 18 and above requiring routine audiology?


  • How many direct access audiology patients do you see per year? –if there is more than one contract please break down by contract
  • How many AQP patients do you see per year?

Access to Services

  • What locations do you provide services from?
  • How many clinics and what days do you provide at each location?
  • Do you provide a same day hearing aid assessment & fit pathway?
  • Do you provide a walk in aftercare service for your patients?
  • Are aftercare services available across all locations?
  • How are patients referred into your service?
  • What referral forms are available?


Audiology Waiting Times

–     Using your latest recorded figures please state the percentage (%) of patients that were seen within the national target waiting time and the time period to which this figure refers.

  • Please confirm the waiting times to the following parts of your pathway:
  • First assessment
  • Fitting

Domiciliary service

  • Do you offer a home visiting service to patients?
  • How many days per month are available for home visits?
  • Do you provide follow ups at home once patients have been fitted?
  • How do you provide aftercare for home visiting patients?

Lost hearing aids

  • Do patients pay for lost or damaged aids?
  • How many replacement aids are patients allowed?



  • Do you offer a re-assessment of patients’ hearing needs and after how long?
  • When patients are eligible for a new aid, are they able to self-refer back into the service or is a new GP referral sought?




Please find information attached.

2018-288 – FOI request – Adult Audiology [249 kb] PDF