Reference 2018-295

REF:            2018-295

Subject:        Pharmacy spend




I would like to request details on the total pharmacy spend for Unlicensed Medicines (Specials), Named Patient Imports and Over Labelled Medicines for your trust over the past three years.

Please can the data be broken down to show the spend by year showing Unlicensed Medicines made in the UK and then Imported pharmaceuticals procured from outside the UK and Over Labelled Medicines.



YEAR UK Manufactured Specials Named Patient Imports Over Labelled Medicines (TTA Packs) Total Spend
2015  £237,173.22  £0  £34,132.71  £271,305.93
2016  £295,208.72  £0  £61,655.70  £356,864.42
2017  £221,314.81  £0  £99,893.54  £321,208.35