Reference 2018-3

REF:            2018-3

Subject:        Executive role in the Trust




I am submitting an FOI request to your NHS Trust.

I am enquiring how people who have held each individual executive role for your trust, from January 1, 2008 to present.

In the case of the chief executives and chief finance officers I have named the role, and have additionally requested the number of people who held the role on an interim basis.

In the case of other executive roles, please state the title of each role and the number of people to hold the position.

Please provide the data using the spreadsheet provided.




Section 21 – information already reasonably accessible

This exemption applies if the information requested is already accessible to the requester. You could apply this if you know that the requester already has the information, or if it is already in the public domain.


Please follow the link to our Publication Scheme, section 2a: