Reference 2018-340

REF:           2018-340

Subject:       Elective Waiting List



  1. What is the current size of your Elective wait list broken down by specialty in May?
  2. How many patients from your hospital were discharged to home care settings, i.e. residential care homes/nursing homes etc. in the last 6 months (December – May)?


I would be grateful if you could fill out the below tables with regards to the stated questions.

Table 1. May Elective waiting list by specialty in May


Elective waiting list in May


Table 2. Patients discharged to a home care setting in the last 6 months

December January February March April May Total
Discharged Patients to home cares





Please find the requested information attached:

2018-340 – Elective Waiting List & Discharges to Residential Homes [16 kb] MS Excel