Reference 2018-351

REF:           2018-351

Subject:       Radiology Reporting



Did your trust outsource the reporting of diagnostic images to any teleradiology companies over the past 5 years? If so, for each company, please provide the name of the teleradiology provider along with the information in the table below (where available).

If a breakdown of day-time reporting is not available or utilised by the trust, please provide a comparable breakdown that is used internally. If no breakdown is available, please provide the information above by Plain radiography, CT, MRI, Nuclear medicine, PET, SPECT and Ultrasound.

  • Please provide details related to the procurement of the teleradiology services including:
    • Identification of the organisation that led the procurement process
    • The start date and length of the contract
    • The name of the outsourcing company providing the teleradiology services (if more than 1 company provided teleradiology services to the trust, please clarify which services were provided by each)




Please find information attached.

2018-351 – FOI Request – Radiology Reporting [14 kb] MS Excel

We do not outsource specialist scans, urgent scans or second opinion reporting.