Reference 2018-359

REF:           2018-359

Subject:       Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment




I am writing to request data under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for all the Radiology and Ultrasound equipment at the hospitals within your Trust.


For support, I have attached an excel document which sets out the information that I would like to gather.  I would be grateful if you could populate the attachment and provide with your response.  Hopefully this will make the process easier for the person collating and providing the information.  A summary of the information requested in the excel attachment is shown below:

  1. For each individual Radiology and Ultrasound diagnostic imaging system within the Trust:
    1. Site Location (Hospital Name)
    2. Manufacturer Name
    3. Model Name
    4. Whether the equipment has been Purchased / Leased / MES
    5. Age of equipment (years)
    6. Current Service provider name
    7. Current Service contract end date
    8. Current Service contract type (i. Preventative Maintenance/ii. Fully Comprehensive)
    9. Service cost per annum
    10. Planned replacement date




Please find information attached.

2018-359 – FOI Request – Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment [12 kb] MS Excel