Reference 2018-360

REF:           2018-360

Subject:       Five Year Forward Initiative



Question One

Does the Trust have an Electronic Patient Record (EPR)?

If Yes:

Who is the principle software provider?

Are clinicians able to access patient records at the point of care (eg: at the bedside by cart, mounted PC etc) across all applicable locations?

If no:

Does the trust have a timetable to implement EPR?


Question Two

Has the trust fully implemented Electronic Prescribing Medicines Administration (ePMA)?

If no, does the trust have an anticipated timescale for full implementation?


Question Three

Has the trust implemented PSAG (Patient Status at a glance/ Electronic white boarding for bed management)?

If Yes, fully or partially?

If partially or No, Does the trust have an anticipated timescale for full implementation




Please find information attached.

2018-360 – FOI Request – Five Year Forward Initiative [104 kb] PDF