Reference 2018-387

REF:           2018-387

Subject:       Maternity Closures 2017



1 How many ‘red flag’ events have occurred in your maternity units in this time frame? And are you able to say whether this is higher than the 12 month period preceding these dates?

2 Have there been occasions where a woman has:

  • Been left alone during active labour
  • Had to wait more than hour an hour for pain relief
  • Had to wait more than one hour for stitches

3 How many times between these dates have you been forced to close the maternity unit due to staff shortage or lack of beds?

4 On how many occasions have wards been staffed with less than the Government recommended number of midwives?

5 How many midwives are you currently short of in your Trust? How many post are being advertised? (As of 19th April 2018)

6 How many maternity negligence cases have been brought against you in the past 12 months?

7 And finally, how many complaints have been made to your Trust regarding maternity services between the same dates.




Please find information attached.

2018-387 – FOI Request – Red flag events in maternity [111 kb] PDF