Reference 2018-395

REF:            2018-395

Subject:        Waiting Lists 2013 – 2018



Please can you provide me with the number of patients who have left  the Trust’s waiting list in each of the last 5 financial years for the following reasons:

  • Number of patients who died while on the waiting list
  • Number of patients who no longer needed treatment (e.g. symptoms improved)
  • Number of patients who have left to seek private treatment

Please provide the overall total of patients who left the waiting list, for the following years 2013/14  2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18.




Please find attached our figures as requested and refer to the caveats listed. When a patient has died whilst on a waiting list we are unable to determine if the patient died of a related illness, only that they passed away.

In addition, the figures do not reflect how long the patient had been on the waiting list when they died.

2018-395 – FOI Request – Waiting Lists 2013 – 2018 [19 kb] MS Excel