Reference 2018-408

REF:           2018-408

Subject:       Disorders of Sex Development




We seek information about the evaluation and care given to those with Disorders of Sex Development. We are interested in the procedures carried out by the Trust, and how far international standards of best practice are being engaged with.

We have put together a list of questions, which we would be grateful if you could answer in this order:

  1. Who provides expert evaluation of gender assignment in new-borns with Disorders of Sex Development?
  2. Does the trust use a multidisciplinary team that deals with the evaluation and long-term management and needs of patients with Disorders of Sex Development?
  3. If yes to question 2, can you provide contact details for the team?
  4. What specialties are represented on the multidisciplinary team (e.g. paediatric subspecialists in endocrinology, surgery, and/or urology, psychology/psychiatry, gynaecology, genetics, neonatology, and, if available, social work, nursing, and medical ethics)? Please list them.
  5. When dealing with Disorders of Sex Development, what guidelines, if any, do decision makers follow?
  6. How many people are referred to this team per year (please give numbers for the last five years)?




We can confirm that we do not offer this service locally. Any referrals will be made to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for assessment.