Reference 2018-417

REF:            2018-417

Subject:        Pathology Demand Management




  1. Does the Pathology Laboratory in your organisation use Demand Management to manage Pathology requests?
  2. If the Pathology Laboratory does not make use of Demand Management, why not?
  3. If the Pathology Laboratory does make use of Demand Management, what methods do you use? EG. Is it carried out at time of request, using a function of electronic requesting software or are unnecessary requests screened out once the sample reaches the laboratory?
  4. Which Pathology disciplines use demand management the most?
  5. What tests is demand management most frequently used for?
  6. How many samples did the Pathology Laboratory in your organisation process last year (April 17-March 18)?
  7. How many samples were not tested due to being screened out by using demand management techniques? How is this measured?
  8. Does your organisation promote demand management to clinical staff who request pathology tests? How is it promoted?




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