Reference 2018-430

REF:           2018-430

Subject:       Non-Disclosure Agreements



Please can you tell me how many non-disclosure agreements the trust has agreed in each year over the past 10 years?

Please can you also tell me which department of the trust ex-employees or employees who signed the NDAs were working for?

Please can you tell me the financial value of the non-disclosure agreements over the past 10 years?




Year Number Amount
2013/14 5 £158,397
2014/15 0 £-
2015/16 2 £46,703
2016/17 0 £-
2017/18 2 £1,834
Total 9 £206,934
Unfortunately due to having no central record we are only able to provide detail over the last 5 years; to retrieve this data will need a manual review and will take more than 2.5 days. We are also unable to provide departmental information in case the member of staff is identifiable.