Reference 2018-431

REF:            2018-431

Subject:        Baby Lifeline Survey



This Request – Instructions and Information

This repeated request will extend UK-wide and aims to gain an accurate picture of current maternity training provision in the UK and, where applicable, establish how this has changed in the years since our initial report. Please note that any information generated by this survey will be anonymised and will only be used to demonstrate the provision of the service as a whole. Above all, Baby Lifeline aims to work with healthcare providers to ensure that appropriate, effective training is accessible to all.

This survey will contain very specific questions about maternity specific training programmes provided by your trust. With this in mind, we respectfully request that this survey is completed by the most relevant professional(s) possible, this professional(s) should have some responsibility for the provision of maternity specific training for all maternity staff. This will ensure that this request is completed in the most accurate way possible, which will allow us to better represent the training needs of the service, throughout the UK.




Please find information attached:

2018-431 – FOI Request – Baby Lifeline Survey [463 kb] PDF

Bolton PROMPT Evaluation April 2018 to March 2019 [228 kb] PDF

Evaluation Form 2018 [211 kb] PDF