Reference 2018-439

REF:           2018-439

Subject:       Clinical consultation lengths



Would it be possible to request a data set about;

  • The breakdown of types of doctor/patient  consultations within the hospital
  • The rough number of consultations per clinician /  department / at different levels seniority
  • the average length of NHS consultations between clinicians and patients for each level of interaction

Segmented down; (if possible)

o    How long the clinicians spends reviewing the patient’s medical record

o    How long the clinicians spends discussing the diagnosis with the patient


In, ideally, a format similar to;


NHS Improvement (2017) Reference costs [average unit cost to the NHS of providing defined services to NHS patients in England in a given financial year. They show how NHS providers spend money to provide healthcare to patients]

Data Sets;

“National Schedule of reference costs 1”


I am predominantly interested in what happens during the diagnosis procedure within different departments and the segmented time allocations of each interaction.

I appreciate this information may be too fine-grained so any information about the diagnosis procedure will be helpful!

If you would be able to provide a set outlining consultation times or be able to point me in the right direction I would be extremely appreciative.




Unfortunately, we do not collect this information.


Clinicians will spend a variable amount of time with each patient during a consultation dependent upon that patient’s presentation and needs.