Reference 2018-444

REF:           2018-444

Subject:       Change and Project Management



1) Does your organisation have a Programme Management Office or (PMO)?


2) If No to Question 1 does it have one of the following?

a) A Transformation Team

b) Project or Programme Teams

c) Programme Managers or Project Managers in directorates but not held as part of a central function.

d) A team that delivers change but is called something else (please specify)

e) No Programme Managers or Project Managers in the trust


3) What is the overall budget for teams specified in Question 1 or 2.


4) Can a structure chart for the relevant team (with roles only) be provided with this response?


5)  How long has the PMO / Change teams been in operation in the trust?

a) Less than 1 year

b) 1-to 3 years

c) 3-5 years

d) 5 years +

e) Unknown


6) Does your trust have dedicated Programme Budgets allocated for the financial year 18/19?


7) If yes to Question 8 – what is the value of the Programmes?


8)  Does your organisation use a maturity model such as P3M3 to benchmark its performance in delivering change? If yes so can you please name it?


9) Does your trust use any particular methodologies for delivering change? If yes are these either:

a) Prince2

b) Six Sigma / Lean

c) Agile

d) Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)

e) Other please specify if possible


10) Finally, what is the total budget for the NHS Trust?




Please find information attached.

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