Reference 2018-451

REF:            2018-451

Subject:        Disposal of drugs due to summer heat




Please can you respond to the following under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please can you provide me information on the quantity of prescription medications, drugs and any other dispensed medical substances (“Drugs”) disposed of during the summer heat wave (from the start of June 2018 until the most recent possible date when the search is made.

If you have a register of Drugs being disposed of including dates of the disposal, type and name of Drug, quantities involved, and value of each batch to be disposed of, please provide me with such a register for the given period.

Otherwise, please provide information as to the overall quantity and value of Drugs to be disposed, and provide as much of a breakdown into the fields given previously as is possible.

Please can you tell me whether (i) all, (ii) some, or (iii) which of the hospitals or medical centres that come under the Trust, have the appropriate facilities to refrigerate Drugs.




The pharmacy department have not destroyed any medicines as a result of the heat wave. Temperatures in excess of the required storage temperatures for ambient temperature stored medicines only results in an acceleration of product decomposition therefore reducing the expiry date of products.


Based on this rate of decline there is only a requirement to reduce expiry dates.


All Trust areas that are required to store medicines at refrigerated temperatures have access to suitable storage.