Reference 2018-452

REF:           2018-452

Subject:       Subsidiary Company Information



Under the Freedom of Information Act provisions, please can you provide me with the following information:


Trust turnover (plan for 2018/19) (£m)  
Operated Healthcare Subsidiary Company name  
Subsidiary Company annual turnover (planned for 2018/19) (£m)  
Budgeted Full time equivalent staff of Subsidiary company  


Subsidiary Company Executive Directors Information:

(Salary details can be exact or banded per annual accounts requirements)

  Exec Director 1 Exec Director 2 Exec Director 3 Exec Director 4 Exec Director 5 Exec Director 6
Job Title            
Annual Salary            
Details of other remuneration eg bonus            




Section 22 – information intended for future publication


This exemption applies if, when you receive a request for information, you are preparing the material and definitely intend for it to be published. Furthermore, it must be reasonable not to disclose it until then.


The annual plan for 2018-19 will be published by 31st December 2018.