Reference 2018-453

REF:           2018-453

Subject:       PAS System



  1. Which Patient Administration System (PAS) does the organisation use (e.g. Cerner, All Scripts, Medway, Lorenzo)?
  2. Is this the system used by A&E staff to record patient admissions?
  3. Are there other systems used by A&E for recording patient admissions? If so, please state: System name.
  4. Who manages the PAS System in the Trust / Board?
  5. Do you have a Cost Reduction Manager? If so, please state: Full name; Job title; and Department.
  6. Do you capture consent for injury cost recovery (ICR) in your PAS system?
  7. Can you export data from the PAS system as a CSV or other file format?




Please find information attached.

2018-453 – FOI Request – PAS System [121 kb] PDF