Reference 2018-482

REF:           2018-482

Subject:       Road traffic accidents



I am compiling a study regarding bin-lorries and road traffic accidents and would really appreciate the following information from your trust/hospital database:


1) How many road traffic accidents have presented to the hospitals in your trust that involved a bin-lorry? If possible, I would like those numbers for each of the past five years (from July 2013 through to July 2018), in order for me to chart the trend.


2) Of those road traffic accidents that involved a bin-lorry, what were the outcomes for those involved? More specifically: how many resulted in death? And how many resulted in life-changing injury? (I understand degloving can be quite common during RTA’s involving bin-lorries; I would hesitate to suggest all degloving should be classified as life-changing, but certainly cases that required major surgical intervention should be filed under this category).


In summary: I’m trying to understand the number of road traffic accidents in which a bin-lorry was involved (for the last five years, if your data set allows such a search)? And on those occasions, what were the outcomes for those presenting to the hospitals within your trust? If I haven’t worded my FOI to obtain that information, I ask for help please as per Section 16 of the Freedom of Information Act to revise my request in order to obtain that information.




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