Reference 2018-485

REF:           2018-485

Subject:       Exception reporting



a) How many junior doctors are employed by the trust on the new junior doctor contract terms and conditions?-

b) What was the total number of exception reports since August 2016?-

c) Of the total in b) above please state which fell into the following categories:

  • A breach of the average 48 hr week –
  • A breach of the maximum 72 hr week-

d) Please indicate the total number of outcomes in the following categories:

  • Compensation to the doctor and a work schedule review-
  • Overtime payment to the doctor-
  • Time off in lieu or toil-
  • No further action-

e) What was the total money paid to the Guardian and spent on education and training?-

f) What was the total number of fines levied by the Guardian?-

g) What was the total value of the fines levied by the Guardian?-  




Please find information attached.

2018-485 – FOI request – Exception reporting [120 kb] PDF