Reference 2018-494

REF:           2018-494

Subject:       IT Systems



Please provide details of the IT Systems, Suppliers and Software used at the Trust in the table below to include:

Supplier Name – vendor name responsible for supplying and supporting the software. If there is no procured system in use please state the software used, e.g. Excel or state “Internal” if the system has been developed within the trust.

Software/ Product Name – please provide the name of the software package as referred to by the supplier, e.g. EMIS, Lorenzo etc.

Software Version – please provide the version number of the software package as referred to by the supplier

Database – please provide details of the database & database version used by the software

Hosting – please provide details of where the software is hosted, e.g. is it hosted on-site at the Trust, at a 3rd party data centre or on the cloud. Please also state if the software is hosted on dedicated, shared or cloud-based hardware.

End Date – please provide the end date/renewal date of the current supplier’s contract for this software.




Please find information attached.

2018-494 – FOI Request – IT Systems [10 kb] MS Excel