Reference 2018-516

REF:           2018-516

Subject:       InterSystems Ensemble/HealthShare Integration Engine



  1. Can you confirm that your Trust uses the InterSystems Ensemble/HealthShare Integration Engine for integration and sharing of information between clinical systems EG: PAS ADT / Demographic messages to Radiology System / LIMS within the Hospital.  Please state the specific IE used and the version number.
  2. Are you planning an upgrade or replacement of the IE in the next 12 months?
  3. Please provide an email address for the main IT point of contact that is in charge of overseeing and managing the Integration and Interfacing team(s)?
  4. How many licenses do you hold for your Integration Engine, and of what type?
  5. Do you pay for support and maintenance of your integration engine as separate items?
  6. Do you currently have an annual 24/7-365  Ensemble/HealthShare environment and bespoke interface (monitoring) support contract with a third party supplier?
  7. (If yes to 6),  How much do you currently pay for your annual 24/7 IE environment and bespoke interface support ?
  8. (If yes to 6), When will the 24/7 support contract be renewed next?
  9. (If No to 6), Is your IE environment and bespoke interface support provided in-house?  Does this cover OOH support?
  10.  What is the procurement route for the above services should they be external to the Trust e.g. via tender?




Please find information attached.

2018-516 – FOI Request – InterSystems EnsembleHealthShare Integration Engine [114 kb] PDF