Reference 2018-518

REF:           2018-518

Subject:       Tongue-Tie Procedures and Waiting Times



Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please could you kindly provide me with the following information for your NHS Foundation Trust (or if you represent a number of Trusts, for all the Trusts you are responsible for).

  • How many babies (i.e) below the age of 1) were diagnosed with issues of ankylossia (tongue-tie) in each financial year since 2013/14.
  • Of the babies diagnosed with issues of ankylossia (tongue-tie) in 2017 how many had a surgical procedure carried out by NHS surgeons to resolve these specific issues, and how long did they wait (on average, in calendar days) for the procedure following diagnosis?
  • In 2017, what was the mean age of babies with such issues when the ankylossia (tongue-tie) procedure was performed?




Please find information attached.

2018-518 – FOI Request – Tongue-Tie Procedures and Waiting Times [12 kb] MS Excel