Reference 2018-548

REF:           2018-548

Subject:       Hospital Facilities



Please could you provide the following departmental information for each of the hospitals within your trust? If you are unable to provide a full set of answers within the assigned labour-time-limit for FOI requests, please provide as much as you are able to provide using the time available.



  1. Is parking available for doctors?
  2. How much does a permit cost, and where can it be purchased from?
  3. Is free parking available near the hospital, and how easy is it to get?
  4. Is secure bike storage available? Is it indoors/outdoors?



  1. Is there a doctors’ mess room within the hospital?
  2. Where is it located?
  3. Are there facilities for cooking in the mess?


Public transport

  1. What public transport options are available to get to the hospital?


Food and drink

  1. What options are available for food within the hospital?
  2. What are these establishments’ opening hours?
  3. What options for food are available out-of-hours?



  1. Is accommodation available for junior doctors? Where is it located?
  2. What is the cost of a single room for a junior doctor per month?



  1. Is there a library in the hospital?
  2. If so, where?
  3. How can doctors get access?


IT Systems

  1. Is free WiFi available to doctors, and if so, what is the code?
  2. What IT systems does the Trust use for blood results, prescriptions, and EHR?


On-call rooms

  1. Are on-call rooms available for junior doctors for out-of-hours shifts?
  2. Where in the hospital are they located?




Please find information attached.

2018-548 – FOI Request – Hospital Facilities [148 kb] PDF