Reference 2018-569

REF:           2018-569

Subject:       Weekly/Monthly collection of data sent to NHS Improvement



From March 2017 until July 2018 inclusive:

1) Please disclose your weekly collection sheets of data sent to NHS Improvement relating to temporary staffing. The full sheet is sought but to aid you in locating the correct information these include number of vacancies, agency fill rate, number of workers on more than £120 per hour, and since October 2017, this also includes the same data for bank staff . Please disclose both the Agency and Bank information.

2) How is this information sent to NHS Improvement? If by email to which email address is it sent?

3) Do you use a Direct Engagement Company, if so please confirm the name of the company used, who handled the negotiation.

4) What is your Trust’s individual agency expenditure ceiling from NHS Improvement.

5) Does the trust have concerns that this ceiling is unachievable?




Please find information attached.

2018-569 – FOI Request – Weekly Monthly collection of data sent to NHS Improvement [112 kb] PDF