Reference 2018-602

REF:           2018-602

Subject:       Discharge Checklist



  1. Do you have a discharge checklist document available for staff to use when patients are leaving your hospital?
  2. If so, when is this discharge checklist completed?
  • At point of discharge
  • Within 12 hours before discharge
  • 12 to 24 hours before discharge
  • 25 to 48 hours before discharge
  • More than 48 hours before discharge
  • Other


  1. Was this check list developed using guidance issued by Department of Health or NHS England? If so please tick the applicable guidance:
  • Achieving timely ‘simple’ discharge from hospital: A toolkit for the multi-disciplinary team. (NHS)
  • Ready to go? Planning the discharge and the transfer of patients from hospital and intermediate care. (DH)
  • Discharge from hospital: pathway, process and practice (DH)
  • Other – please provide the name


4. If you have a written discharge checklist, does it contain any of the following:

  • Method of transport for the patient post discharge
  • If relatives or carers have been informed of the discharge, prior to the discharge
  • If new medicines have been prescribed during the hospital stay
  • If the home environment (where an individual is discharged to) is a suitable place for the patient to recuperate in.
  • If essential food, water, heating are available in home environment
  • If written or verbal advice has been given to the patient
  • If the patient requires a mobility aid (including a wheelchair)




Please find information attached.

2018-602 – FOI Request – Discharge Checklist [128 kb] PDF