Reference 2018-603

REF:           2018-603

Subject:       Missing or irrecoverable mobility aids



From January 1 2014 until the date of this request, how many temporary walking /mobility aids available for patients have been deemed irrecoverable / missing?

Please list the number of temporary walking / mobility aids by type (ie 45 x crutches, 3 x wheel chairs) and by year.

Please also state, where known, the amount spent on walking / mobility aids such as these each year.

The aim of this request is to identify how many pairs of crutches, etc, have not been returned by patients in recent years and the cost burden on the NHS. The word ‘irrecoverable’ is therefore used to weed out genuine cases where crutches are still being used by patients.




The Trust has never recorded the number of returns as there is no resource to support. We do clean / refurbish returned walking aids and re-issue if equipment is deemed safe to do so.