Reference 2018-604

REF:           2018-604

Subject:       Patient access to internet



I am writing to make a Freedom of Information Request for details about the cost and provision of internet access (over wifi) to patients within the Trust’s hospitals.

More specifically, please provide the following:


1. The name, or names, of the organisation/s currently used to provide wifi access to patients within the Trust’s hospitals. Please state whether these organisations are private companies, charities, government bodies, etc. If private companies, please provide the company number. Please specify which organisations operate in which hospitals and or wards.


2. Please provide a copy of the current pricing plan for patients and visitors wishing to access wireless internet within the Trust’s hospitals? If there is more than one pricing plan, please supply information on all, making a note of which hospitals and wards they apply to.


3. Please provide the current pricing plan/s in place for each of the following specific wards:

a) Intensive / critical care – adult, paediatric and neonatal

b) Oncology, both adult and paediatric

c) Emergency department, adult and paediatric

d) Specialist trauma centre


4. For the current financial year 2018/19 so far, up to today’s date, 30 September 2018:

a) Please provide a breakdown for each hospital showing the total revenue from the provision of wifi internet access for patients. Please also show how much of this revenue was paid to / retained by the organisation providing the internet access, and how much of this revenue was retained by the Trust. If any set payments are paid to, or received from, the organisation to the Trust, by way of a licensing agreement or similar, please also provide details of that contract.

b) The same for the financial year 2017/18

c) The same for the financial year 2016/17




Please find information attached.

2018-604 – FOI Request – Patient access to internet [107 kb] PDF