Reference 2018-608

REF:           2018-608

Subject:       IT Department



Please confirm the following pieces of information:

  • Who is the Trust’s current supplier for their Electronic Patient Record?
  • What is the contract start and end date for the Electronic Patient Record?
  • Who is the Trust’s current supplier for your Patient Administration System?
  • What is the contract start and end date for the Patient Administration System?
  • When are you due to start looking to re-procure your clinical systems?
  • Who supplies the Trust’s integration system?
  • Please supply a copy of the Trusts latest Informatics Strategy
  • How regularly does the Trust review their Informatics Strategy?
  • Has the Trust developed a Digital Strategy?
  • How often does the Trust assess their Clinical Systems?
  • Who is the Trust’s current Chief Clinical Information Officer?
  • Who is the Trust’s current CIO/ IT Director?
  • Which member of the board is responsible for IT?
  • Please provide an organisation chart for your IM&T department?
  • Which member of the Trust is the SRO for the STP engagements?
  • What proportion of the Trust’s IM&T Department is made up of interim staff and permanent staff?
  • Is the Trust looking to migrate to the cloud in the  next 2 years?
  • Are the Trust considering their options of outsourcing their IT Services in the next 3 years?




Please find this information attached.

2018-608 – FOI Request – IT Department [118 kb] PDF

Bolton Informatics Strategy 5 Year Forward View 2016-2021 [1 mb] PDF

Informatics Structure July 2017 [104 kb] PDF