Reference 2018-622

REF:           2018-622

Subject:       Product usage 2016-2018



This is a Freedom of Information request regarding usage of certain products in all NHS Trusts, these products are:

  • glycopyrronium bromide 1 mg tablets
  • glycopyrronium bromide 2 mg tablets
  • glycopyrronium bromide 1 mg/5 ml oral solution
  • glycopyrronium bromide 5 mg/5 ml oral solution
  • sialanar 320 mcg/ ml glycopyrronium (400 mcg/ml glycopyrronium bromide) oral solution
  • scopoderm (hyoscine) 1.5 mg patch
  • glycopyrronium bromide 200 micrograms/ml ampoule (for injection)


  1. How many units* of these products were dispensed quarterly in 2016 – present?

*tablets: units as number of TABLETS or PACKS

  • if packs, please specify pack size e.g. 14 tablets


*oral solution: units as number of bottles

  • please specify bottle size e.g. 60 ml


*patch: units as packs

    • please specify pack size e.g. 5 patches

*ampoule: units as number of AMPOULES or PACKS

    • if packs, please specify pack size e.g. pack of 10





Please find information attached.

2018-622 – FOI Request – Product usage 2016-2018 [255 kb] PDF